The COVID-19 outbreak has created an extremely challenging environment for all of us. It has required that we make changes in many aspects of our lives. A significant change most medical offices are dealing with is the increased complexity and duration of the many calls we are handling. At the same time, the number of office visits has been curtailed to limit the spread of COVID-19, forcing more and more use of telephone visits and other forms of telemedicine. Reducing the number of in-person visits and shifting care to virtual appointments is also the current recommendation from the CDC to reduce the risks of COVID-19 for children and their families. Insurance companies have acknowledged this, and most are now reimbursing pediatricians for their time providing phone management.  

In order to implement these changes and continue to provide the highest quality of care for you and your family, the PCC has instituted the following policies for phone management and telemedicine:

  • As of March 2020, we have begun charging a $20 fee for physician phone calls. This will apply to after-hours calls as well. In most cases this should be covered by your insurance. If an office or virtual office visit related to the call occurs within 24 hours there will be no charge for the phone call.

  • There will be no fee for brief calls handled by nurses and other non-physician staff.

  • We have set up video conferencing services for telemedicine. These virtual office visits will be billed the same as normal, in-person office visits.

We appreciate your understanding. The strength and resilience of our community is incredible. We will continue to support your families and see that we all get through this together.