BREAKING NEWS:  Pfizer vaccine available at the PCC!


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you the best possible medical care with the professionals you trust, The Pediatric Care Center and Young Adult Care Center is pleased to announce we will begin vaccinating against COVID19 on Wednesday June 9. The FDA and CDC have authorized and recommended this vaccine for all patients 12 years of age and up. We will be offering the Pfizer BioNTech SARS CoV-2 vaccine to our patients and their family members who are eligible. This will be free of charge to you.


We are scheduling appointments for this week for all eligible patients and their family members, We recommend that adults in a household with children who are younger than 12 sign up too if they have not yet received a vaccine. We will be happy to provide this service to other children and community members who are not our patients, but prefer to have the vaccine at a doctor's office.


You can schedule an appointment in any of three ways:  


  1. by sending an email to:  with the patient or family member’s name, date of birth and best contact email and phone number to contact you,

  2. by calling the main telephone number 301-564-5880 and leaving a message in the Nurse message box (select 6) with the patient or family member’s name and date of birth, and email and phone number,

  3.  by logging into the Portal if you have a registered account, and requesting the appointment in the Request Appointment tab


We will try to offer options for appointment times to accommodate everyone. Request an appointment now!

Let’s all get vaccinated so everyone can get back to “normal” in a safe way.