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Covid vaccines for 6 months and older


The new 2023-2024 Covid-19 vaccine has been approved (September 2023) and has replaced all older forms of the vaccine.  We now have the Moderna vaccine in stock in pediatric and adult doses.  The minimum age for the covid vaccine is 6 months. 

Please call the office or email us at if you would like to schedule your child for a Covid vaccine.  In the event that we do not have the vaccine in stock, the Maryland Health Department has a vaccine finder that will allow you to search by the age of your child and the specific vaccine needed.  


We strongly recommend that ALL of our eligible patients receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and that all members in a household with children who are unimmunized or younger than 6 months receive the vaccine to protect those who are vulnerable. 

RSV vaccine (Beyfortus) for infants up to 8 months

Due to a shortage, we are receiving only small shipments of the new RSV vaccine with little advance notice.  Please call the office to have your infant (newborn to 8 months) added to our waiting list.  As soon as we receive a shipment, we call those on our waiting list to schedule an appointment.     

The RSV vaccine is indicated for all infants up to 8 months.  It contains a monoclonal antibody that should provide ongoing protection for 5 months during RSV season.  If an infant's mother received the maternal RSV vaccine during pregnancy, the infant vaccine is NOT needed.  

For older infants (8-19 months), this vaccine is indicated only for those at risk for severe disease.

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