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Flu Update from Dr. Mattey

The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases and the CDC have released their recommendations for the 2017-2018 Flu season. The highlights are as follows:

-Everyone over 6 months of age should get a flu shot this season. It is particularly important that all care givers and household contacts of infants under 6 months get immunized.

-Two shots one month apart are required the first time children under 8 years of age get the vaccine. Only one is required per year all other years.

-This year’s vaccine includes some of the previous strains of flu virus, but a new variant of type A (H1N1) virus has been included.  This new variant explains some of last year’s late season flu infections.

-The Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (intranasal mist) is once again not recommended this year due to its poor performance on the A (H1N1) strain in previous years. We will not offer this vaccine this year.

-Anyone with egg allergy can safely receive the vaccine without concern. Only those who have had allergic reactions to the flu vaccine itself should avoid receiving it.


You can schedule a shot for your child and family members by calling 301-564-5880 or through the Patient Portal. We have flu clinics or if those are not convenient, you can get a regular nurse visit appointment at other times.