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All of us at the Pediatric Care Center want you to know that we are right here for you to help in every way we can during this challenging time. 

We are open, available, and ready to provide all of the care you know you can depend on.  While some things have changed with our office procedures, you will still hear trusted voices on the phone, see us virtually when you want to, and can safely come to the office in person if needed. 

From the first report of cases of the novel coronavirus, we have been planning for how to operate with the following goals:

  • Provide the best possible care and information to our patients and families, even under challenging circumstances

  • Prevent the transmission of the coronavirus within our facility to both patients and staff

  • Help protect the community at large in every way possible.


Every one of us in the community have an important part to play in reducing and preventing the spread of this virus.  We have a civic duty to change our behavior and shrink this tidal wave of infections.  While it is true that most cases are mild, young people do better than older ones, and almost all patients will recover, we have seen how the sudden appearance of many cases can overwhelm our medical system and lead to needless deaths or prevent other important medical care from happening.  The Pediatric Care Center is on the front line of this demand for health services, and we must carefully protect ourselves as well as you so that we can continue to be here when you need us.

The primary way we all will accomplish this is by practicing excellent hygiene, handwashing, social distancing, staying home except when absolutely necessary (especially when ill), and carefully accessing medical care only when it is appropriate. The CDC has now also recommended use of non-medical masks in public. (Steps to prevent illness)

Over the past weeks, we have provided information and links to reliable resources, and we have implemented procedures to reduce the chance of inadvertent transmission within our office.

OUR PCC PROCEDURES: Here are the changes we have implemented in the way we manage all patients and visitors coming to our office and the office flow:

  • We ask that no one come to the office without calling first to obtain an appointment or ask where and how they should enter for other unavoidable business. 

  • Do not bring additional children or non-patient visitors when you do come in.

  • Any patient, parent or visitor with suggestive symptoms will be isolated or restricted from entering the PCC facility. 

  • Only well patients and one parent who have been screened are allowed access to the second and third floors.

  • We ensure the office is cleaned very frequently, and the common surfaces that might be touched are minimal.

  • We are providing a direct route to the assigned patient room and seek to minimize anyone spending time in the waiting areas. Well and sick patients do not go through any of the same areas.

  • Rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each patient.

  • We have developed the ability to perform many visits virtually through the Portal and Healow app, or other video platforms.  Many routine visits, check-ups, medication and other follow ups can be done in this manner.

  • We can also perform certain testing and shots in the parking area or tent without need to enter the building.

TESTING:  Many of us want to know if we have been exposed to the virus or have the infection and simply want to be tested.  We still have very limited availability to test for the coronavirus active infection.  The number of laboratories capable of testing is increasing, as are local options to obtain testing in our community. If you are sick or have suspected exposure, schedule a virtual visit with a PCC doctor who can advise you. We are also working on getting the serology test that determines if you had the infection, even if you did not get tested while ill.  We will let you know when that is available.

If your child appears to have mild cold symptoms it is advisable to stay at home and minimize contact with others.  Evaluation in the office is not recommended.  We cannot tell from examination if it is a cold or COVID-19.  The treatment for COVID-19 is the same as a cold- stay home, hydrate, use soothing measures and symptom relievers.  So please bear with us and understand if our advice is to stay home at the present time and not undergo testing.  Call us if you have questions about the need for an office visit and look here for more information on what to do if you are sick and when to call. 

Anxiety and stress may be the most significant issue most of us have to deal with.  See Dr. Kornfeld’s thoughts here on ways to manage this for you and your child. Most of all, remember that this will pass; we will get back to normal when all is said and done.

We are all in this together and we want you to know that we will be here for you. 

Jim Mattey, MD

Director of The Pediatric Care Center and Young Adult Care Center

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